Dok Pindushi

With care about ecology.

Great experience and advanced production technology. Modern German equipment. Striving for a better future. Providing our customers with innovative WPB RAW X, super-strong LWPB PRO F and a variety of choices of safe LWPB PRO M, we care about maintaining and maintaining the environment.

2001 Start of production of the first product - exposed face WPB. 124 k The capacity of the plant allows producing up to 124 thousand m³ of WPB RAW X per year.
30 ha The total area of the plant is more than 30 hectares. 7,7 m Production of laminated WPB up to 7.7 million m² per year.

For the production of high quality WPB RAW X, LWPB PRO F and LWPB PRO M we use German translation equipment from Dieffenbacher.

The BÜRKLE lamination line increases the capacity of the plant and expands the range of plate thicknesses and decors.

The Rauma Repola impregnation line allows you to produce your own films, which we use for laminating LWPB PRO M and LWPB PRO F.

Corresponds to the class
of emission
E1 Formaldehyde not more than
7 mg per 100 g. plate

In the manufacture of WPB RAW X class E1, we use the method of hot flat pressing High Flat. It provides WPB RAW X with maximum quality indicators and stability of the physical and mechanical properties of the plate. WPB RAW X contains a minimum level of formaldehyde emission, which makes it completely safe for humans. In the production of children's furniture, it is allowed to use plates of the E1 emission class only, therefore WPB RAW X is excellent for solving such problems.

We provide a high level of environmental safety.

Compliance MPC The gas discharge discharge plant of emissions “Yatagan” allows to significantly reduce emissions and comply with MPC standards.
Air purification up to 99,9 % The Scheuch filters (Austria) used by us completely purify the used air at the site of the pneumatic transport systems.

Exceptional quality materials.

We use materials of exceptional quality, ranging from resin to decorative films. And the exact observance of technological regulations and formulations at each stage of production allows us to produce amazing WPB RAW X, LWPB PRO F and LWPB PRO M, which demonstrate the highest properties in all parameters and comply with the norms of the European standard CE.

Conforms to European standards CE


Our customers like it.

The products we produce combine the best aspects of the business. An attractive price for an incredible quality, a huge range and a high level of service allow us to successfully build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners.

More than 2 m m³ From 2001 to 2018, we produced and sold 2,014,167 m³ of WPB.
More than 1 k From 2001 to 2018 1057 clients cooperated with us.


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