Innovation in plate production.

Professionals highly appreciated the quality of RAW chipboard in many regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. And now we present the RAW X chipboard. Reliable German equipment and high-tech manufacturing process take the RAW X chipboard to a new level. Durable, durable and at the same time as environmentally friendly as possible. There is not a single characteristic that has not been improved. In the RAW X chipboard, everything you need from a modern chipboard is embodied.

Suitable for solving the most ambitious tasks.

Format 2440x1830 millimeters
Moisture type WPB Р2, Р3, Р5 according to standard EN-312
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 16
  • 18
  • 22
  • 25
  • 38
Basic thickness, mm*

We make for you any thickness

from 6 to 38 mm

with a step of 0,5 mm.

*WPB RAW X undergoes strict quality control, so the thickness over the entire area remains the same.

Swiftly coming. To exceed.

In order to create WPB RAW X, German equipment has been installed in our enterprise and special production technologies have been developed. This allows you to exceed the requirements of GOST 10632-2014 and significantly improve the quality of WPB.

Indicators higher than GOST 10632-2014

WPB RAW X uses materials of exceptional quality. And exact observance of technological regulations and formulations at each stage of production allows to produce WPB RAW X, which demonstrates the highest properties in all parameters and complies with the norms of the European CE standard. Here are its indicators in comparison with WPB according to GOST.

Density is 10% higher
WPB RAW X, 16 mm, 640 kg/m³
WPB to GOST, 16 mm, 580 kg/m³
Flexural strength is 1 MPa more
WPB RAW X, 16 mm, 14 MPa
WPB to GOST, 16 mm, 13 MPa
Humidity indicators better up to 30%
WPB RAW X, plate moisture up to 10%
WPB to GOST, plate moisture up to 13%

and safety.

Corresponds to the class
of emission
E1 Formaldehyde not more than
7 mg per 100 g. plate

We have our own resin production, which allows us to produce WPB RAW X with E1 formaldehyde emission level. And we are actively involved in the maintenance of ecology. Our catalytic cleaning systems ensure the preservation of the unique nature of Karelia and the purity of Lake Onega, the second largest in Europe. This makes WPB RAW X the most environmentally friendly and safe WPB in the market of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Reliable packaging preserves the original state of the WPB RAW X.

A WPB RAW X package consists of five screeds and two backing sheets, on top of a sheet of fiberboard 3.2 mm, on the bottom sheet WPB or LWPB 8-28 mm. Such packaging promotes gentle transport and ensures product integrity.

Top sheet fiberboard
3,2 mm
Bottom sheet WPB or
LWPB 8-28 mm
It protects against industrial dust, prevents scratches and a fight during transportation and unloading.
Ensures optimal placement of products in transport and efficient use of free space.

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